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This is Bambi, my 6 month old Holland Lop Rabbit. I bought him from a Garden/Pet shop last October when he was 12 weeks old. He was there with 4 other boys, 1 Lop rabbit, 2 Lionhead rabbits and 1 Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He stood out to me because of his coat colour, which is called black otter. He’s mostly black and he has a white stomach, white around his nose and eyes, a pumpkin colour triangle on his neck and pumpkin colour flecks around his stomach. I named him Bambi because, firstly, Bambi is my favourite Disney Film ever, and secondly, the second I saw him the name Bambi popped into my head because he was so small and clumsy, and he reminded me of “bambi on ice”. He’s a lot cleaner and a lot calmer than my last rabbit, Robbie, who was a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Robbie died last summer.


We got Bambi a toy dog for him to play with, who he loves, and recently he’s been dragging his toy to the food and water bowls when he thinks it needs something to eat and drink (so cute!). Also, whenever Bambi’s running around in his run, he’ll do this cute little jump and he’ll kick his back legs into the air. Even though I miss Robbie a lot, I’m so glad I have Bambi. I love him so, so much and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful bunny.


– thetechnicolourllama



Recently, there’s been a huge snow outbreak in Britain, and people, including me, have been taking advantage of the weather. Without a doubt, Winter is one of my favourite seasons! Here are some reasons why I love Winter so much:-



I love absolutely everything about Christmas! The food, the gifts(both giving and receiving), the music. I’m a complete festive junkie.



Even though I’m not brilliant at baking and decorating, I think it’s so fun! I especially love decorating ginger bread houses! Above is the mini monstrosity I created out of gingerbread, nerds, icing, smarties and marshmallows. Turns out that the icing I used wasn’t as strong as I thought it was..



I love sledging so, so much. If you’ve never been sledging, get your coat, put on some gloves, buy a sledge and go now! Ridiculously fun.


photo copy

Instead of making your average snow man, I’ve always been creative, and make snow animals instead! Above is the snow bear I made yesterday.



It’s cold and wet, but there’s just something about snow that I can’t help but love.

Also, this year will be the first Winter my new bunny and my three chickens have ever been in! I’ll hopefully be blogging about them soon!

PicMonkey Collage

– thetechnicolourllama

lumpyspaceprincess keyring

DIY: Adventure Time Keyring – Lumpy Space Princess

Recently, I’ve developed an obsession with watching clay modelling videos on YouTube. There are so many talented people and it’s not hard to become inspired after watching a few videos. One particular channel that stood out to me was ToniEllison‘s channel, because of her insane talent and creativity. I was immediately inspired by all of her adorable mini food models and, within a matter of minutes, I’d already filled my Amazon basket with an aray of craft supplies.

What you’ll need:

FIMO Soft Polymer Clay (Other brands are available)

Some eyepins (The ones I’ve linked come in adorable packaging!)

FIMO Gloss Varnish / Clear nail polish (Optional)

Craft tools (I just used a plastic knife, scissors and a tooth pick)

Crayola Chalk (For the cookie)

1. If you’re making Lumpy Space Princess, use Lavender for the body, Lemon for the star and Black for the eyes. For the cookie base you’ll need Sahara, and for the chips you’ll need Chocolate.

2. Work the clay between your fingers to warm it up. When the clay is warm, you can mould it.

3. Once you’ve made LSP’s basic body shape, make some arms. Put the arms in place, and use the edge of the toothpick to smooth out the clay between the arms and the body.

4. Cut the sharp part of the toothpick with some scissors so it’s flat. Make small indentations where you want the eyes to be.

5. Roll some black clay into tiny balls for the eyes.

6. Using the plastic knife and yellow clay, cut out a star shape, and place in on LSP’s head.

7. Make a small cookie shape out of the tan clay and, using the same technique used for the eyes, add chocolate chips.

8. Use a mixture of red and yellow chalk to dust the bottom and the edges of the cookie. This gives it a baked effect.

9. Position the cookie where LSP’s mouth would be, and position her hands on top of the cookie.

10. Add an eyepin to the top of the clay.

11. Bake the clay using the instructions on the packet. The instructions for FIMO are to bake at 110°C/230°F for a maximum of 30 minutes (I baked my clay at 100°C  for 20 minutes, just in case the clay burned) then leave the clay to cool and harden.

12. Once the clay is cool, use FIMO Gloss Varnish or Clear Nail Polish to glaze the clay. This part is optional, but I think it gives it a nice effect.

13. After the glaze is dry, add a keyring to the eyepin, and you’re done!

I had a lot of fun making this keyring, and I’ll definitely be making more in the future! I highly reccomend that you have a look at ToniEllison‘s channel for some amazing tutorials and insipiration.


– thetechnicolourllama